Utah legislation proposes easier petition name removal

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February 22, 2010

Sen. Howard Stephenson

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: If approved by lawmakers, initiatives aiming for the 2010 ballot in Utah may be subject to a new law that makes it easier for signers to get their names removed from citizen initiative petitions. Sen. Howard Stephenson's SB275 passed a Senate committee last week, but requires a two-thirds majority by the House and the Senate before being enacted. According to the filed legislation, signees would no longer to have to provide a notarized letter in order to remove their name. All that would be required is a letter with personal identification attached. If approved, the new legislation would apply to currently proposed 2010 ballot initiatives. "All I want is for people to have a fair chance to remove their names," said Stephenson. However, initiative supporters are calling the proposed legislation an effort to "[try] to take power away from the people."[1]

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