Ventura Unified School District parcel tax, Measure H (November 2010)

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Measure H, a Ventura Unified School District parcel tax ballot proposition was on the November 2, 2010 ballot for voters in the Ventura Unified School District in Ventura County.[1] It was defeated.

The proposed parcel tax would have been $96/year, lasting for four years. Seniors could have requested an exemption. It was expected that the tax, if approved, would have raised about $4.5 million a year.[2]

State government payments to the school district declined by $17 million over the last several years.

Election results

  • Yes: 24,491 (59.36%)
  • No: 16,767 (40.64%) Defeatedd

Election results are from the Ventura County elections division (dead link) as of November 26, 2010.

A 2/3rds supermajority vote was required for approval.


The Ventura County Star's editorial board was in favor of Measure H. In their editorial urging a "yes" vote on Measure H, they wrote:

"The school district, like many in California, has been struggling in the wake of steep funding cuts by the state. In the past year and a half, the district has seen state funding decrease by nearly $17 million, and more cuts are expected in the coming years as the state tries to offset its deficit problems.
This loss of state funding has forced the district to eliminate teaching, administrative and support staff positions, raise class sizes, put off buying textbooks, and cut summer school and other programs.
Now, in order to stave off even deeper and worse cuts, it’s time for voters to step up and support the district’s parcel-tax measure."[3]

Supporter Kay Giles, a parent in the district and chairwoman of the Yes on Measure H committee, said, "We need to raise money locally that can only be used by our schools and cannot be taken by the state."[4]


  • Bob Alviani, a local banker, said, "“It’s an additional burden on the community during a tough economic time...I simply think there are better ways to solve the problem than just saying we need more money."[4]
  • Jack Tingstrom, a former mayor of Ventura, said, "I don’t see why property owners have to pay the price."[4]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Measure H: To maintain/improve academic programs including reading, writing, science and math; fund computer technology, music and arts; retain highly qualified teachers and minimize class-size increases; shall Ventura USD raise $4.5 million per year for four years through a parcel tax at a rate described in the voter pamphlet, provided there is independent citizens’ oversight, senior exemptions, and all funds are spent on neighborhood schools and cannot be taken by the State and used elsewhere?[5]

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