Vermont House to vote on bill concerning pension-forfeiture

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February 13, 2013


By Justin Haas

MONTPELIER, Vermont: The Vermont House of Representatives will vote on a bill that would enable the government to revoke or reduce the pensions of government workers and teachers if they are convicted of crimes such as fraud or embezzlement on the job. This would remove a current restriction which prevents the government from touching publicly funded pensions for any reason.[1]

Governor Peter Shumlin proposed the bill in response to a number of crimes involving public employees, one of which involved a police officer who falsified tickets and his hours.[1]

The House Judiciary Committee and House Government Operations Committee have both recommended the legislation be passed.[1]

Judiciary Chairman William Lippert, Jr. (D) said the following about the bill, "It gives the public the satisfaction of knowing that you can’t defraud the state and expect the public to fund your retirement."[1]

Representative Suzi Wizowaty (D) was the one member of the Judiciary Committee who opposed the bill. She stated that she would have supported a bill that allowed courts to take money from pensions to ensure full restitution is paid, “but not beyond that.”[1]

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