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The Vermont Legislative Counsel is a nonpartisan, legislative service agency dedicated to serving the members of the Vermont Legislature.


Legislative Council is governed by a eight person committee consisting of the Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives and the President Pro-Tempore of the Vermont State Senate. Both the House Speaker and Senate President appoint three other lawmakers to serve on the committee[1].

Legislative Council is led by an Executive Director who oversees a staff of 40[2].

Services offered

Administrative services

Legislative Council provides all administrative services for the legislature. Council staff is responsible for managing the Legislature's budget along with administering all payroll and benefits for legislators and staff[1].

Bill drafting

The Legislative Council provides all bill drafting and amendments to members of the Vermont Legislature[1].

Committee staffing

All staffing for all standing and interim committees of the Vermont Legislature are provided by Legislative Council[1].

Legal research

Legislative Council provides all legal research and provides legal opinions related to the constitutionality of bill drafts[1]. .

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