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Virginia 2013 legislative election results

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The tabs below contain analysis of election results in the 2013 legislative elections for Virginia.

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2013 Legislative Election Results

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Virginia State House Election Results

This page contains macro-level election results and analysis for the Virginia House of Delegates elections in 2013. For results in individual contests, see our Virginia House of Delegates elections, 2013. The following is a breakdown of the state house before and after the election:

Virginia House of Delegates
Party As of November 4, 2013 After the 2013 Election
     Democratic Party 32 33
     Republican Party 65 67
     Independent 1 0
     Vacancy 2 0
Total 100 100

Heading into the November 5 election, the Republican Party held the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates. Republicans expanded their majority in the State House while Democrats managed to pick up one additional seat. Two seats were vacant and retiring incumbent Lacey Putney, an independent, allowed for both party to make gains in the chamber. Putney was the longest-serving state legislator in the country, serving since 1962. A total of four seats flipped partisan control in 2013. Those districts were:

  • District 2: Democratic challenger Michael Futrell defeated Republican incumbent Mark Dudenhefer. Dudenhefer was first elected in 2011.
  • District 4: Democratic incumbent Joe Johnson did not seek re-election in 2013. Democrats conceded the district without presenting a Democratic candidate. The district went to the unchallenged Republican candidate A. Benton Chafin.
  • District 19: Independent Lacey Putney's open district was won by Republican challenger Terry Austin.
  • District 93: Republican incumbent Michael Watson was defeated by Democratic challenger T. Monty Mason. Watson was first elected in 2007.

What You'll See on This Page

This page displays the following lists of candidates

  • Incumbents who ran on November 5
  • Defeated incumbents
  • Challengers who defeated an incumbent
  • Newly elected representatives
  • List of all winners
  • Unopposed candidates
  • Third party candidates

State House Overview

  • All 100 of the state's House seats were up for election in 2013.

Incumbency Analysis

Incumbents who ran on November 5

The following is a list of all of the incumbents who ran on the November 5 general election ballot:

  1. Alfonso Lopez
  2. Algie Howell
  3. Barbara Comstock
  4. Barry Knight
  5. Ben Cline
  6. Betsy Carr
  7. Bill Howell
  8. Bob Brink
  9. Bob Marshall, Virginia Representative
  10. Bobby Orrock
  11. Brenda Pogge
  12. C. Todd Gilbert
  13. Charles Poindexter
  14. Charniele Herring
  15. Chris Head
  16. Chris Jones
  17. Chris Peace
  18. Christopher Stolle
  19. Danny Marshall, III
  20. Daun Sessoms Hester
  21. Dave Albo
  22. David Bulova
  23. David Ramadan
  24. David Toscano
  25. David Yancey
  26. Delores McQuinn
  27. Ed Scott
  28. Eileen Filler-Corn
  29. Gordon Helsel
  30. Greg Habeeb
  31. Israel O'Quinn
  32. Jackson H. Miller
  33. James Edmunds, II
  34. James LeMunyon
  35. James Morefield
  36. Jeion Ward
  37. Jenn McClellan
  38. Jimmie Massie
  39. John O'Bannon
  40. Johnny Joannou
  41. Joseph Morrissey
  42. Joseph Yost
  43. Kathy Byron
  44. Kaye Kory
  45. Keith Hodges
  46. Ken Plum
  47. Kirk Cox
  48. Larry Rush
  49. Lee Ware
  50. Lionell Spruill
  51. Luke Torian
  52. Lynwood Lewis
  53. Mamye BaCote
  54. Manoli Loupassi
  55. Margaret Ransone
  56. Mark Cole
  57. Mark Dudenhefer
  58. Mark Keam
  59. Mark Sickles
  60. Matt Fariss
  61. Matthew James
  62. Michael Watson (Virginia)
  63. Michael Webert
  64. Onzlee Ware
  65. Patrick Hope
  66. Peter Farrell
  67. Randall Minchew
  68. Richard Anderson (Virginia)
  69. Richard Bell, Virginia legislator
  70. Rick Morris
  71. Riley Ingram
  72. Rob Bell
  73. Rob Krupicka
  74. Ronald Villanueva
  75. Roxann Robinson
  76. Roz Dance
  77. Roz Tyler
  78. Scott Lingamfelter
  79. Scott Surovell
  80. Steve Landes
  81. T. Scott Garrett
  82. Terry Kilgore
  83. Thomas Greason
  84. Tim Hugo
  85. Tom Rust
  86. Tommy Wright
  87. Tony Wilt
  88. Vivian Watts

Incumbents defeated

The following is a list of incumbents defeated in 2013:

General election

  1. Mark Dudenhefer (R), District 2
  2. Michael Watson (R), District 93

Primary election

  1. Beverly Sherwood (R), District 29
  2. Joe T. May (R), District 33

Challengers who beat an incumbent

The following is a list of challengers who defeated an incumbent in 2013:

General election

  1. Michael Futrell (D), District 2
  2. T. Monty Mason (D), District 93

Primary election

  1. Mark J. Berg (R), District 29
  2. Dave A. LaRock (R), District 33

New Representatives and General Election Winners

Newly elected representatives

The following is a list of the newly-elected members of the Virginia House of Delegates:


  1. Marcus Simon
  2. Michael Futrell
  3. T. Monty Mason


Open Seat Winners

The following is a list of candidates who won election in seats where no incumbent was running:


  1. Marcus Simon


Candidates who won election

The following is a list of all candidates elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2013:



  1. A. Benton Chafin
  2. Barbara Comstock
  3. Barry Knight
  4. Ben Cline
  5. Bill Howell
  6. Bill R. DeSteph, Jr
  7. Bob Marshall, Virginia Representative
  8. Bobby Orrock
  9. Brenda Pogge
  10. Buddy Fowler
  11. C. Todd Gilbert
  12. Charles Poindexter
  13. Chris Head
  14. Chris Jones
  15. Chris Peace
  16. Christopher Stolle
  17. Danny Marshall, III
  18. Dave A. LaRock
  19. Dave Albo
  20. David Ramadan
  21. David Yancey
  22. Ed Scott
  23. Glenn Davis
  24. Gordon Helsel
  25. Greg Habeeb
  26. Israel O'Quinn
  27. Jackson H. Miller
  28. James Edmunds, II
  29. James LeMunyon
  30. James Morefield
  31. Jay Leftwich
  32. Jeffrey L. Campbell
  33. Jimmie Massie
  34. John O'Bannon
  35. Joseph Yost
  36. Kathy Byron
  37. Keith Hodges
  38. Kirk Cox
  39. Larry Rush
  40. Lee Ware
  41. Les R. Adams
  42. Manoli Loupassi
  43. Margaret Ransone
  44. Mark Cole
  45. Mark J. Berg
  46. Matt Fariss
  47. Michael Webert
  48. Peter Farrell
  49. Randall Minchew
  50. Richard Anderson (Virginia)
  51. Richard Bell, Virginia legislator
  52. Rick Morris
  53. Riley Ingram
  54. Rob Bell
  55. Ronald Villanueva
  56. Roxann Robinson
  57. Scott Lingamfelter
  58. Scott W. Taylor (Virginia)
  59. Steve Landes
  60. T. Scott Garrett
  61. Terry Austin
  62. Terry Kilgore
  63. Thomas Greason
  64. Tim Hugo
  65. Tom Rust
  66. Tommy Wright
  67. Tony Wilt


Unopposed candidates in general election

The following candidates did not face major party competition:



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Third party candidates

The following is a list of third party and independent candidates who ran in 2013: