Virginia legislators block recall proposal

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May 17, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

RICHMOND, Virginia: The Virginia General Assembly in its short session for 2010 took up three pieces of initiative and referendum related legislation in which one passed and two failed including a recall proposal.

House Bill 104, which was the only proposal that was approved, changed the minimum notice requirement for all referendums from 60 days to 81 days[1]. Also, a proposal that would have required voter information pamphlets for statewide referendums was defeated without seeing a floor vote in either house of the General Assembly[2].

The first consideration of a amendment of the Virginia Constitution that would allow citizens to recall the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and any member of the General Assembly was killed in committee[3].

Virginia legislators will resume its work on the second Wednesday of January 2011 with only 30 regular session days on the schedule. In even numbered years, legislators can extend the session an additional thirty days[4].

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