Voter ID shuttle service gets its first user

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October 31, 2011


NASHVILLE, Tennessee: Eileen Marhefka, a 65 year old Nashville woman, was the first to take Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey up on his offer to provide transportation to anyone who needed a ride in order to get a new identification with a photo, which will be required to vote in next year's presidential elections.[1]

Last September Ramsey told jokingly told reporters that he would drive anyone to get their photo ID, confidant that the number of those without one and the means to acquire one would be so small. While the comment was intended as a joke, Ramsey said that he would stand by that offer.[1]

Upholding his offer, an aide to Ramsey picked up Marhefka from her home and shuttled her to a driver service center to get an ID card. The aide then advised her on how to get the card for free.

Marhefka had kind words to say about the aide but said she was unsure about whether the law would prevent voter fraud since voters already have to give their signature. She said, "I do think it will affect Democratic voters more than Republicans.” Ramsey assured those concerned by the possible disenfranchisement of elderly voters that, "The photo ID law suppresses nothing other than voter fraud."[1]


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