Voting in the 2013 general elections

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This page contains voter registration information pertaining to the 2013 state general elections.

The information is specific to voting at the state-level for State Executive and State Legislative elections.

The table below contains the following information:

  • Registration deadline
  • Residency requirements
  • Voter ID requirements

State-by-state breakdown

Three states have regularly scheduled general elections in 2013. They are New Jersey on November 5, Virginia on November 5 and Wisconsin on April 2.

Voting in General Elections 2013 Information
State Registration Deadline Days before the General Election Residency Requirements Voter ID Required Same day registration
New Jersey 10/15/2013[1] 21 Resident of New Jersey and county at least 30 days prior to the election[1] Maybe (If voters do not present ID when registering or if cannot be verified, ID is required to vote)[2] No
Virginia 10/14/2013[3] 22 Resident[3] Yes[4] No
Wisconsin 3/13/2013 (mail), 3/29/2013 (in person) or at poll on election day[5] 20 (mail), Friday before election (in person) or at poll on election day[5] Must have lived in Wisconsin for at least 28 days[5] No (Photo ID law currently under temporary court injunction)[6] Yes[5]

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