Wally Krenzke recall, Price County, Wisconsin, 2009

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A notice of recall was successfully submitted and approved by Price County to remove Sheriff Wally Krenzke from his position. The effort, being led by the Concerned Citizens Group (CCG) formed the petition against the sheriff because they say he mishandled a missing persons case.[1]

In March 2009, 70-year-old Deanne Breen, who suffers from dimentia, wandered from her home and went missing into nearby woods. After 8 hours of searching, Krenzke called off the search party in order for it to regroup. Krenzke stated that he did not have that many searchers in the woods because the woman would have been scared off. Breen was found dead a day later. The coroner declared hypothermia as the cause of death.[2]

A special recall election was to be held on July 28, 2009, to decide whether or not Krenzke should be removed from office. However, the election was held on August 26, 2009, where it was approved and Sheriff Krenzke was successfully recalled.[3]

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