Washington County Road Property Tax Implementation (May 2011)

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A Washington County Road Property Tax Implementation measure was on the May 17, 2011 ballot in the North Bethany area of Washington County.

This measure was approved

  • YES 51 (71.83%)Approveda
  • NO 20 (28.17%)[1]

This measure sought to form a road district and implement a property tax set at a rate of $1.25 per $1,000 of assessed property tax in order to fund road improvements in the North Bethany road district service area.[2] This measure was proposed by the county when a Oregon bill stating that at least 50 percent of voters had to vote for the referendum to be valid, was removed. The area is in need of extensive transportation upgrades and this measure, since it was approved, will raise near $13 million the first year to fund those projects.[3]