Washington Initiative 745 (2000)

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Washington Initiative 745 appeared on the ballot in Washington on November 7, 2000. It lost, with 1,394,387 voters opposed to it and 955,329 in favor.

The measure was filed on January 28, 2000 by Tim Eyman. 274,490 signatures were submitted and found sufficient to qualify the measure for the ballot. I-745 was an Initiative to the People.

The basic goal of the initiative was to reserve 90% of all transportation funds, including transit taxes, for road building. It also would have required transportation agency performance audits.

Ballot Measure Summary

Official test:

This measure would require that 90% of state and local transportation funds, including local transit taxes but excluding ferry and transit fares, be spent on road construction, improvement, and maintenance. Road and lane construction and maintenance would be the top transportation priority. Performance audits of transportation and public transit agencies would be required. Materials and labor used in road construction or maintenance would be exempt from sales tax. Counties and cities would update transportation plans.

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