Washington Initiative 990 (2008)

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Washington Initiative 990 was intended by its sponsors to qualify for the November 4, 2008 ballot in Washington, but did not ultimately qualify.

I-990 would have made it a felony punishable by life in prison to knowingly lie or mislead the public or elected officials for the purpose of facilitating American participation in a war, if the statements result in death or injury to a Washington citizen.

Initiative 990 was an citizen-initiated state statute.

The official ballot measure summary said, "This measure would define the crime of "lying about war" as knowingly making a false or misleading statement to the country or its elected representatives in order to convince the country to go to war or to remain in an ongoing war, if the statement results in death or injury to a citizen of Washington state. Lying about war would be a class A felony and punishable by life imprisonment without the possibility of parole."


I-990 was sponsored by David Henshaw of Tacoma, Washington.

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