Washington Initiative 991 (2008)

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Washington Initiative 991 was intended by its sponsors to qualify for the November 4, 2008 ballot in Washington, but did not ultimately qualify.

I-991 would have required lobbyists and elected officials to provide full disclosure—including verbatim transcripts or recordings—of all communications between them. The measure would also have required that lobbyists pay a $1000 fee to register with the Public Disclosure Commission.

Initiative 991 was a citizen-initiated state statute.

The official ballot measure summary said, "This measure would require the Public Disclosure Commission to collect a $1,000 registration fee from anyone initially registering as a lobbyist. Any lobbyist would be required to file with the commission a verbatim transcript or recording of any communication with an elected official, and would be subject to monetary penalties for failing to do so. Elected officials and lobbyists would be subject to fines and imprisonment for attempting to mislead the public concerning their communications."


I-991 was sponsored by David Henshaw of Tacoma, Washington.

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