Washington Permanent School Fund, Amendment 1 (1894)

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Washington Constitution
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State of Washington Constitutional Amendment 1 was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment to the Washington State Constitution. It was on the November 1894 ballot in the State of Washington, where it was approved.

Amendment 1 added a new section, Section 5, to Article XVI of the Washington State Constitution.

It was the 1st amendment approved to the Washington State Constitution subsequent to its adoption in 1889.

The text of Section 5, Article XVI, after Amendment 1 was approved, said "INVESTMENT OF PERMANENT SCHOOL FUND -- None of the permanent school fund shall ever be loaned to private persons or corporations, but it may be invested in national, state, county or municipal bonds."

Article 44

Amendment 44, enacted in 1966, changed Section 5 to say, "The permnent common school fund of this state may be invested as authorized by law."

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