Washington local election sees 94 percent of issues approved

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February 17, 2012


Washington: The recent election in Washington held on February 14 saw all thirty-nine counties having at least one issue on their ballot to be voted on. In total there were 204 measures throughout the state and 192 were approved, an overall approval rating of 94%. Of those measures, 190 dealt with either school taxes or school bonds and 178 of those were approved. Most of the school tax measures dealt with renewing or replacing current taxes in the districts, allowing for school programs and operations to continue in the same fashion as previously. There were only 9 bond measures proposed and just 5 were approved due to bonds needing a super majority of 60% to be fully approved. The remaining 14 measures dealt with a variety of city and county issues, including both bonds and tax measures. All 14 of those proposed measures were approved by voters.

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