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Watervliet City Council recall, Michigan, 2009

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A Watervliet City Council recall did not appear on the ballot in November 2009. On August 26, 2009 local resident David Flaherty announced that he plans to submit recall petition language that specifically calls for the recall of City Mayor Roger Prince and Commissioner David Brinker.[1] Defeatedd

In the past, Flaherty has challenged the commissions decisions on spending and the reduction of city employees from full-time to part-time positions.[1] In regards to the city's most recent employee reductions on Monday, August 25, 2009, the city council voted in favor of accepting City Manager Michael Hart's immediate resignation.[2] The resignation comes approximately a week after the city placed Hart on administrative leave while the city commission began looking for a replacement. At the time the case for placing Hart on administrative leave was due to "irreconcilable differences of opinion."[3]

According to Flaherty only 12 signatures are required to place the issue on the November ballot.

No evidence of violations

In November 2009 the Berrien County Prosecutor said that there is no evidence that either Prince or Brinker violated the state meetings law. Flaherty had previously requested that the county prosecutor review the two council members for possible fraud and misrepresentation of the meetings law.[4]

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