Welsh Assembly Powers Referendum, 2011

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A Welsh Assembly Powers Referendum was voted on March 3, 2011 for residents in the country of Wales.

Results show that this measure was approved

  • YES 517,132 (63.5%)Approveda
  • NO 297,380 (36.5%)[1]

This issue asked citizens if they thought more law making powers should be given to the Welsh Assembly. The measure will allow the Welsh government to seek to gain more powers from the English government so as to have more local control. Though some noted that the Assembly already does not have much power and were unsure what they could actually do for the country.[2] Since this was approved, the Assembly will have broader powers and will not need to consult with the British government when deciding issues. The proposal to reduce the number of Welsh MP's in combination with a 'Yes' vote on this will move central power more to Wales rather than being more focussed in London.[3]

Those in favor of the measure noted that issues which only effect the Welsh people should be decided just in Wales and not elsewhere. Noting as well that the Assembly has tried to carry welsh opinions as best it was able.[4]

Those against the measure stated that the Assembly should not be given more power until they can prove they are able to work with what they have and enact changes which are beneficial to the Welsh people. Poverty and high unemployment were shown as reasons that the government needed to work with what they had to fix the problems which are already apparent rather than gaining more power which would not be helpful in closing the poverty gap in the country.[5]

Polls were open from 7am till 10pm on Thursday March 3 and near 2.3 million people were eligible to vote in this referendum. Though the actual number that will vote was expected to be much lower.[6]

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