Wheatland Township Board recall, Michigan (2012)

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A vote about whether to recall the Wheatland Township Board in Wheatland Township, Michigan, took place on May 8th, 2012.[1] All five officials were retained in office.[2] The recall effort was launched in January 2012. The members of the board are Township Supervisor Tim Knox, Township Clerk Dawn Johnson, Treasurer Pamela Wonders, and trustees Mark Reister and Dan Wonders.

Reasons for recall

The stated reason for recall was "failure to acknowledge and act upon an advisory petition asking that zoning be suspended.” The board responded by saying, "the board believes it is in the best interest of the township to keep zoning intact, however, changes can be made by following the procedures outlined in the zoning ordinance.”[1]

Path to the ballot

Signatures were gathered between January 14th and February 2nd. Recall organizers needed to submit 121 signatures for each recall target. Sufficient signatures were submitted, and a recall election was scheduled for May 8th, 2012.[1] All five recall targets survived the recall attempt.[2]

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