Winneconne Exceed Revenue Limits (2008)

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The Winneconne Exceed Revenue Limits referendum was on the April 1 ballot in the School District of Winneconne, which is in Winnebago County. The purpose of the referendum was to exceed the state-set revenue cap by $1,760,000, with the additional funds being directed to the school budget. The additional funds will be used to meet basic operating costs of the district.

The referendum had previously appeared on the April 1 ballot for about 1 million more dollars ($2,640,000) where it failed, 970 - 1,427.

Text of measure

Shall the Winneconne Community School District be authorized to exceed state revenue limits on a non-recurring basis, for general operations, including the maintenance of educational programs and facilities of the District, by the specified amounts in each of two (2) consecutive years, including the 2008-2009 ($880,000), 2009-2010 ($880,000) school years?


Passed, with 1,645 "yes" votes and 1,116 "no" votes.

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