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Wisconsin's 22nd Assembly District

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The 22nd Assembly District of Wisconsin is one of 99 Districts in the Wisconsin State Assembly. The seat was held by Sandy Pasch of Milwaukee. This district is one of three assembly districts in Wisconsin's 8th State Senate District. This seat used to be held by Sheldon Wasserman

Area Covered

The 22nd District covers the Cities and Villages of Whitefish Bay, Glendale, Fox Point, Shorewood, and the extreme north side of Milwaukee which include wards 147 and 150.

Also, the Northern half of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus is represented in this district.


54,361 citizens reside in the 22nd Assembly District[1].

Breakdown of Population by race

  • 47,086-White 86.61%
  • 3,995-Black 7.35%
  • 1,704-Asian 3.13%
  • 171-American Indian 0.31%
  • 21-Pacific Islander 0.03%
  • 172-Other 0.32%
  • 125-Multi-Racial 0.23%
  • 1,087-Hispanic 2.00%

Breakdown of Population By Age

  • Ages 18-64 60.1%
  • Ages 5-17 17.8%
  • 65 and Over 16.1%
  • 5 and Under 6.0%

Breakdown of Population by Educational Attainment

  • At Least a High School Degree/GED 60%
  • College Degree or Higher 30%

Median Income by Household

  • Village of Whitefish Bay $80,755
  • City of Glendale $55,306
  • Village of Fox Point $80,572
  • Town of Shorewood $88,982
  • City of Milwaukee Wards in AD 22 $42,000-Approximate

The Average Median Income is $69,523 for the 22nd Assembly District

28,863 females reside in the Assembly District over 25,498 males.

Jobs and the Economy

The 22nd District is well off economically as less than one percent of the districts residents live on some form of non-social security public assistance.

Top Employers

The 22nd Assembly District usually has one of the lowest unemployment rates out of all 99 Assembly Districts, and that is played by some top employers who do business in the district. These top employers include:

  • Actuant-Glendale
  • David Hobbs Honda-Glendale
  • Sprecher Brewery-Glendale
  • Johnson Controls-Glendale
  • North Shore Bank-Shorewood
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Also, Glendale has an industrial park that attracts the manufacturing and other sectors to the City of Glendale.

Employees By Industry

  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, mining 47
  • Construction 800
  • Manufacturing 3,234
  • Wholesale trade 952
  • Retail trade 2854
  • Transportation, warehousing, utilities 717
  • Information 4,186
  • Finance, insurance, real estate 2,703
  • Professional, management, administrative 4,201
  • Educational, health, social services 8,074
  • Entertainment, accommodation, food services 1,673
  • Other services (except public administration) 1,076
  • Public administration 709

Employees by Occupation

  • Management, professional 16,011
  • Service 2,393
  • Sales, office 7,252
  • Farming, fishing, forestry 15
  • Construction, extraction, maintenance 768
  • Production, transportation, material moving 1735

Political Affliation

30 Wards in Milwaukee County make up the 22nd Assembly District including four in the City of Milwaukee.

Despite the State of Wisconsin does not require registered voters to disclose their party aflliation Democrats from 2004 Presidential Results and the last contested election in the 22nd Assembly District Between Two Opponents show that Democrats have a 7,000 voter edge over Republicans as the Dems have a 22,588 to 15,859 edge on voters[2].