Wisconsin gubernatorial veto referendum narrowly passes in the Assembly

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April 23, 2010

MADISON, Wisconsin: On the final day of legislative session in the Wisconsin Assembly, Senate Joint Resolution 61, a proposal to put a referendum on the ballot to further curtail the veto power of the Governor of Wisconsin narrowly passed the lower chamber[1].

The Joint Resolution passed on a 50-48 vote with one representative not voting on the proposal. The referendum proposal would require a Governor to only veto whole sections of bills when using a line item pen. All 50 of the yes votes came from the Democrats, while one Democrat, Bob Ziegelbauer (D-Manitowoc)[2], voted no for the resolution. All 47 Republicans in the minority voted no joining Ziegelbauer. Annette Williams, a Milwaukee Democrat, was the only person to not vote on the proposal[3][4].

With both houses approving the resolution, the Legislature must consider the proposal again when the new legislative session begins in January of 2011, since Wisconsin is one of about a dozen states where proposed constitutional amendments must be approved in two separate sessions of the legislature before qualifying for the ballot.

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