Wisconsin officials propose cutting Treasurer and Secretary of State positions

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March 28, 2011


MADISON, Wisconsin: A proposal to eliminate two state offices is currently circulating in the state legislature. Initially proposed by Treasurer Kurt Schuller, the bill is being circulated by State Rep. Scott Krug. The proposed measure would eliminate the offices of the treasurer and secretary of state. According to reports, the Wisconsin Attorney General would become second in line to the governor.[1][2]

A majority vote in two consecutive sessions of the Wisconsin Legislature is required to qualify the amendment for the ballot. If referred to the ballot and approved by voters, the proposed amendments would be effective in 2015.

"From what I've seen from my 2 1/2 months in office, we do not need to have this as a publicly elected, constitutional office," said Schuller. Secretary of State Douglas LaFollette, however, calls the proposal a "political gimmick" that does not save the state money. Schuller has not released estimates on state savings should the measures be approved but argues that the offices would run more efficiently under other state departments.[3]

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