With one week remaining, still no finalized Congressional map in Louisiana

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April 5, 2011

By Eileen McGuire-Mahony

Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA: Those at the state capital have characterized the last several days of the redistricting session and pure chaos, but today it might just be productive chaos.

With just over one week remaining in the extraordinary session, Louisiana's state legislature is looking at several proposed Congressional maps today. Last week, both chambers were able to pass maps out of committee and onto the chamber floor. Yesterday, both the House and the Senate laid bills over for consideration.

The Senate, which convened shortly after 9 a.m., is currently debating Neil Riser's (R) SB 24 (dead link). Also on today's Daily Digest are Lydia Jackson's (D) SB 3 (dead link) and SB 23 (dead link), sponsored by Robert Marionneaux, Jr (D). Marionneaux also has two Senate Resolutions reported by the committee set to be adopted today.

On the House side, members will not convene until 2 p.m., at which time it will take up for reconsideration and final passage George Cromer's (R) HB 43 (dead link). In yesterday's session, the bill came to a vote but, 50-48, failed to pass and was instead laid over on a motion to reconsider.

In addition to needing to pass a Congressional map by the end of the day next Wednesday, the session has responsibility for state level maps. Each chamber has passed such a bill and sent it on the opposite house for approval.

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