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Women For a Better Louisiana

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Women for A Better Louisiana is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan group based in Metairie, Louisiana. The main mission of Women For A Better Louisiana is to improve the quality of life in Louisiana by actively working to attain honest and efficient government, a clean environment, litter control and beautification, and other timely concerns.


Women for a Better Louisiana was chartered in July, 1986. It is an action oriented group that keeps members informed of, and involved in, timely issues affecting the quality of life in Louisiana. Its members serve on State Task Forces and Parish Advisory Committees. The organization networks with like-minded groups on particular issues. WBL invites anyone who wants to share in its efforts for the betterment of Louisiana to join.

Policy issues

Child advocacy: "Seeks to improve the lives of children through support of specific children’s issues dealing with neglect and or abuse; supports the NOPD Child Abuse Department and works to make courts more sensitive to the needs of children in court cases; networks with other organizations concerned with children’s safety issues and supports legislation in the best interest of children in our state/country."[1]

Efficient and honest government: Aside from naming it as a core issue in its platform, WBL does not mention any projects working towards an efficient and honest government. On the website, WBL does mention spending a day at the Louisiana Legislature as a recurring event.[2]


Major donors of Women For a Better Louisiana are:

  • BellSouth Volunteers - Gentilly Life Member Club
  • Telecom Volunteers (BellSouth Pioneers)
  • WBL members and fiends.[3]

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