Woodland Adoption of Council-City Manager Form of Government (November 2009)

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There was a Woodland Adoption of Council-City Manager Form of Government measure on the November 3, 2009 ballot in Cowlitz County and Clark County.

The measure failed.[1]

  • No: 760 (72.17%)Defeatedd
  • Yes: 293 (27.83%)

This measure proposed to change the government from a mayor-council form to a council-city manager form. This would mean that they mayor of the city would be appointed by the city council and would be considered a manager rather than a popular elected mayor.[2]The current Mayor spoke out against this proposed change stating that a city manager would be more expensive to the city and already the city has a tight budget. He also noted that it didn't seem the right way to change things, if voters were unhappy they should vote him out next term, not try to make more problems with a new for of government. Proponents say that a city manager would be better able to make decisions and that since the city has grown so much there are more issues that a city council-mayor government cannot manage.[3]

Ballot summary

The ballot read:

"PROPOSITION NO. 1 ADOPTION OF THE COUNCIL/MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT FOR THE CITY OF WOODLAND, WASHINGTON Shall the City of Woodland adopt the Council/Manager form of government abandoning the Council/Mayor form of government?"[4]