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Writing:Campaign finance (state legislative election overviews)

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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to write the "Campaign Finance" section of a state legislative election overview article.

Note: Not all state legislative election overview articles will contain this section, and many that do will add it later on in the process.

The goal of this section is to acquaint your readers with key information about the interaction between campaign finance and this particular set of elections.

Information you might find in a campaign finance section includes:

  • Information about campaign finance limits.
  • Information (which you can easily get from Follow the Money) about how much money altogether was spent in this state's previous state legislative election.
  • Information about this year's campaign finance, if you can find it.
  • Analysis of donors who give to multiple legislative campaigns.

Features to consider

You could add a chart to your article that compares the total amount raised for state legislative races in this state from year-to-year.

Here's a chart as it appears on a page.

This chart shows how many candidates ran for state senate in Utah in past years and the cumulative amount of campaign contributions in state senate races, including contributions in both primary and general election contests. All figures come from Follow The Money.[1]

Year Number of candidates Total contributions
2008 71 $2,432,680
2006 60 $2,241,882
2004 71 $1,336,110
2002 34 $935,931

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