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Writing:Campaign finance reports

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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to fill in campaign finance report sections for articles about Congress. For instructions on how to add campaign donor summary boxes, go to Writing:Campaign donors for Congress.
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Candidates raising over $5,000 in an election cycle are required to submit regular reports to the Federal Election Commission. In addition to quarterly reports, there are reports before and after primaries and conventions.

Data source

The reports and data are available from the FEC. There are two important pages: Candidate summary page and Reports image index.

Candidate summary

Candidate summaries are available here. Select the relevant election year and search by state to find all candidates who have submitted reports. (E.g., Alaska). A candidate's summary page will look like this, and includes that candidate's specific FEC code in the heading (e.g., S0AK00139), and the candidate's principal campaign committee ID at the bottom (e.g., C00484949).

Reports image index

All of a candidate's campaign finance reports are available here. To find the reports:

  • Copy the candidate campaign committee's FEC code (e.g., C00484949) into the top box, labeled Committee ID. Hit enter or submit.
  • Click the blue-linked Committee ID number.
  • Select the PDF of the relevant report.


Include the Campaign finance reports box on candidate pages and election pages.

This section uses the Campaign finance reports template. The template can handle up to 7 reports.


Under ==Campaign donors==, place ===YEAR===. Then add the following text: Candidates for Congress are required to file up to seven main reports with the Federal Election Commission during the YEAR elections season. Below are CANDIDATE's reports.<ref>[LINK ''Federal Election Commission'', "CANDIDATE YEAR Summary reports," accessed DATE]</ref>

Under this, place a template. The template should be named in the following format {{FIRST LAST YEAR FEC}} For instance {{Martha Roby 2014 FEC}} Using a template will make it easier to update on both the candidate and election page. The template should use the category: [[Category:YEAR FEC templates]]

Copy this code into the template

{{Campaign finance reports
|Collapse = 
|Name = 
|Political Party = 
|Current Cash = 
|Report 1 = 
|Date 1 = 
|Beginning Balance 1 = 
|Total Contributions 1 = 
|Expenditures 1 = 
|Cash on Hand 1 = 
|Report 2 = 
|Date 2 = 
|Beginning Balance 2 = 
|Total Contributions 2 = 
|Expenditures 2 = 
|Cash on Hand 2 = 
|}}<noinclude>[[Category:2014 FEC templates]]</noinclude>


Here is an explanation for each parameter.

{{Campaign finance reports
|Political Party = CANDIDATE'S PARTY
|Current Cash = Cash on hand as of last update. Should be the same as the highest numbered Cash on Hand parameter.
|Report 1 = NAME OF REPORT (E.g., April Quarterly)<ref>[LINK TO REPORT]</ref>
|Date 1 = DATE FILED (At bottom of first page of report)
|Beginning Balance 1 = LINE 23
|Total Contributions 1 =  LINE 24
|Expenditures 1= LINE 26
|Cash on Hand 1 = LINE 27
|Report 2 =
|Date 2 =
|Beginning Balance 2 =
|Total Contributions 2 =
|Expenditures 2=
|Cash on Hand 2 =
|}}<noinclude>[[Category:2014 FEC templates]]</noinclude>


The following:


Candidates for Congress are required to file up to seven main reports with the [[Federal Election Commission]] during the [[United States Congress elections, 2014|2014 elections season]]. Below are McLeod's reports.<ref>[ ''Federal Election Commission'', "Wright McLeod Summary Report," accessed June 26, 2013]</ref>

{{Campaign finance reports

|Name = Wright McLeod (2012)

|Political Party = Republican

|Current Cash = 198982.67

|Report 1 = April Quarterly<ref>[ ''Federal Election Commission'', "Wright McLeod April Quarterly," accessed July 23, 2013]</ref>

|Date 1 = March 31, 2012

|Beginning Balance 1 = 130337.75

|Total Contributions 1 = 149704.59

|Expenditures 1= 81059.67

|Cash on Hand 1 =198982.67


Appears as:


Candidates for Congress are required to file up to seven main reports with the Federal Election Commission during the 2014 elections season. Below are McLeod's reports.[1]

Wright McLeod (2012) Campaign Finance Reports
ReportDate FiledBeginning BalanceTotal Contributions
for Reporting Period
ExpendituresCash on Hand
April Quarterly[2]March 31, 2012$130,337.75$149,704.59$(81,059.67)$198,982.67
Running totals

More examples

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