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This page is a content-and-style guide about adding categories to a state ballot measure article.
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Any article about a ballot initiative should have several category tags at the bottom of the article. Categories help organize the articles by year, state and political topic. These categories in turn help to generate such pages as Alcohol on the ballot. Other topic pages can be found here.

Note: Categories are currently under revision. If you are unsure about a category or have a question please leave a note on the talk page.


Year articles

Year articles, like 2009 ballot measures, feature two categories:

  • YEAR ballot measures
  • Ballot measure articles by year

Replace YEAR with the year the measures appeared on the ballot.

In other words, for 2009 ballot measures the following categories were included:

State Year articles

State Year articles, like South Carolina 2008 ballot measures, should feature two categories:

  • State ballots, YEAR.
  • STATE YEAR ballot measures.

Replace STATE with the appropriate state and YEAR with the year the measure appear on the ballot.

For example, for South Carolina 2008 ballot measures the category would be:

Ballot measure articles

Ballot measure articles should feature three categories:

  • STATE YEAR ballot measures
  • State ballots, YEAR

Replace STATE with the appropriate state and YEAR with the year the measure appear on the ballot. TOPIC should reflect the main political issue the ballot measure refers to (i.e. alcohol, abortion, tobacco, taxes, etc.) Sometimes ballot measures fit in more than one topic. For example: Arizona Alcohol Tax Measure (2008) will most like have two topics - alcohol and taxes. In that case make sure to add: TOPIC, STATE; TOPIC, YEAR per topic. The resulting like of categories may look like:

(EXAMPLE: Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Amendment, Question 1 (April 2015))

Creating category pages

Sometimes when you add a category the link will appear in red. This means that the category page has not yet been created. See File:Creating Categories for Ballot Measures.pdf for guidelines on how to properly create category pages for the ballot measure project.

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