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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to add the section "Compensation" to state office articles in the State Executive Officials Project.
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This section is added to profiles about state-specific offices. This includes articles like Governor of Texas or Lieutenant Governor of Alabama.

This section features the compensation requirements for the state office as stated by the state constitution.

Additionally, this may also feature the actual dollar amount received by officeholders.

Typically, compensation information is collected from Council of State Governments. Other additional resources may be needed at times.
Some source recommendations include:


Below is an example of how this section would appear in an article. See also: Governor of Texas.


See also: Comparison of gubernatorial salaries and Compensation of state executive officers

DocumentIcon.jpg See statutes: Texas Statutes Title 6, Chapter 659

The governor, along with the rest of Texas' executive officers, is entitled by Article 4, Section 5 of the Texas Constitution to receive an annual salary, pursuant to Title 6, Section 659.011 of the Texas Statutes. The legislature was empowered to set the salaries of executive branch officers by a 1954 constitutional amendment. Prior to that, the constitution stipulated the salary amounts paid to each officer.[1] The amounts are fixed by the biennial General Approprations Act.


In 2014, the governor received a salary of $150,000, according to the Council of State Governments.[2]


'''Article X, Section Y''' defines the method by which the OFFICE TITLE's compensation is set:

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| Constitutional text goes here.

(If available) In YEAR, the OFFICER was paid an estimated $$$ according to SOURCE.
<ref>[Use reference formatting]</ref>

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