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Writing:Congress project categories

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Main article: Congress Project writing guidelines

This page is a content-and-style guide about the categories within the Congress project.


Every image uploaded to Ballotpedia should be categorized. Nearly all images in the Congress project will fall in one of the following groups.

Current officials

See also: File:John Kerry.jpg



Images from the 2000-2010 decade should be categorized:


Categories are a vital part of the Congress project. They facilitate the creation of pages using DPL and keep the project well organized.


Each incumbent will have a minimum of five categories:

  1. Political Party
  2. Current member of the chamber (Senate or House)
  3. Chamber, State
  4. Session of Congress
  5. State

The categories on an incumbent's page should be as follows:

See also: Stephen Lynch
[[Category:Current member, U.S. House]]
[[Category:U.S. House, Massachusetts]]
[[Category:Democratic Party]]
[[Category:112th Congress]]


See: Template:Congcandidate for explanation of candidate categories.

Federal officials

Each federal official will have a minimum of three categories:

  1. President's administration
  2. Month/Year of confirmation
  3. Federal office

The categories on a federal office holder's page should be as follows:

For current cabinet members, use the following category:


All congressional district pages should be given the following category:


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