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This page is a content-and-style guide about election history sections on congressional district pages.
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Each of the 435+ congressional district pages should have a section called ==Elections==

In this section, prior election results will be detailed. All districts should have prior election results going back to at least 2000.

The format for all years prior to 2012 is as shown in the following example from Alabama's 1st Congressional District:







Once this format is established, any redlinked templates must be created. They are done as follows.

Copy this code in the election boxes

{{Congress election box YEAR
|winner = 
|pronoun = 
|new = 
|losers = 
|congress = 
|winner1 = 
|candidate2 = 
}}<noinclude>[[Category:YEAR congress general election boxes, STATE]]</noinclude>


Here is an explanation of each parameter. The parameters may seem a bit redundant, but that is because they are used for different things. The first 5 parameters are used to automate the intro sentence before the election box. The rest of the parameters are used in the election box itself.

{{Congress election box YEAR
|winner = This designates the winner of the election.
|pronoun = This designates the gender of the incumbent (He/She).
|new = This designates whether the incumbent was first elected or re-elected in the given year, (Yes for newly elected, No for already in office)
|losers = This is the list of general election losers who were defeated by the incumbent in the election.  If there was no opposition it is left blank.
|congress = This designates the chamber and is filled in with either House or Senate
|chamber = This is the header of the election box.  It is filled in with the chamber and state/district followed by General Election
|party1 = The party of the first candidate
|party2 = The party of the second candidate
|winner1 = The winner of the election
|candidate2 = The second candidate
|votes1 = The number of votes received by candidate 1 (No Commas)
|votes2 = The number of votes received by candidate 2 (No Commas)
|inc1 = This denotes whether a candidate was the incumbent and is filled in with a Y if so


Here is an example of a template filled in.

{{Congress election box 2010
|winner = Jo Bonner
|pronoun = He
|new = No
|losers = David Walter ([[Constitution Party|Constitution]])
|congress = House
|chamber=U.S. House, Alabama District 1 General Election
|winner1 = Jo Bonner
|candidate2 = David Walter
}}<noinclude>[[Category:2010 congress general election boxes, Alabama]]</noinclude>

Future election sections will be created with a simple intro sentence and a see also. Such as:

::''See also: [[South Carolina's 5th Congressional District elections, 2014]]''

The 5th Congressional District of South Carolina held an election for the [[U.S. House elections, 2014|U.S. House of Representatives]] on November 4, 2014.


See also