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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to write an elections section for articles about Congress.

Every member of Congress should have a section title:


Such as:


In this section should be a one sentence summary of what happened with a reference to where the information came from. Then, an election box. Only the most recent prior election and upcoming elections should have a ===YEAR=== heading. For older elections, see Writing:Full electoral history for Congress.

Such as: Jo Bonner#2012

Future elections

For upcoming elections in which the incumbent has not yet filed or declared that he or she is running, the section should look similar to that listed below. The capitalized sections will need to be changed for each incumbent. Also make sure to change the gender for women and the U.S. House link to U.S. Senate for senators.


See also: STATE's DISTRICT congressional district elections, 2014

LASTNAME is set to run for re-election to the U.S. House in 2014. If he runs, he will seek the PARTY nomination in the primary election on PRIMARYDATE. The general election took place November 4, 2014.

Desired information


This information should be included for each election you write about:

  • An indented upper link to an overview article about the elections this race was part of, if such an article exists. (See an example from the state leg project.)
  • Exact date of the election
  • Name of the office the candidate sought
  • Name of any general election opponents
  • Who won, who lost

The election results information should be supported by a reference link to an official source of information -- preferably, a statement of the vote from a government election office.


That's a basic minimum. You can also, as your time and interest permits, include this information:

  • How much money was spent by the subject of your article, compared to the amount spent by his/her opponent.
  • Information about the primary: Did the subject of your article face primary opposition? You can describe this primary election in the same detail as you describe the general election campaign, covering the same areas.
  • Was the primary or general election an upset?


On November 4, 2008, Kerry won re-election to the [[United States Senate]]. He defeated Jeffrey Beatty and Robert Underwood in the general election.<ref>[http://clerk.house.gov/member_info/electionInfo/2008/2008Stat.htm ''U.S. Congress House Clerk'', "Statistics of the Congressional Election of November 4, 2008"]</ref>

Box usage

General elections

For the explanation of the usage for general election boxes, see: {{Election box/doc}} Copy the following code when making a general election history box: YEAR should be replaced with the year of the election. For example

{{Election box 2010
{{Election box YEAR
|winner1 =
|Inc1 = 
|candidate2 = 
|votes1 = 
|votes2 = 

Primary elections

For the explanation of the usage for primary election boxes, see: {{Primary election box/doc}} Copy the following code when making a primary election history box: YEAR should be replaced with the year of the election. For example

{{Primary election box 2010
{{Primary election box YEAR
|winner1 =
|Inc1 = 
|candidate2 = 
|votes1 = 
|votes2 = 

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