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This writing guide explains how to add the "Election results" for a local ballot measure article.

Election results

The "Election results" section of an article is created on election night and is updated as election results are updated by the county or city elections office.

The election results to a local ballot measure article should be placed immediately under the introduction. Later, however, the "Aftermath" section may be placed above the "Election results" section.

Short outcome template

See also: Template:Short outcome
Note: This template is designed to not require the use of the "%" symbol.

The actual election results are added in a template called {{Short outcome}}, and the template includes the following parameters:

  • Title: NAME of Jurisdiction, Official Measure Title (include short descriptive title if no official title exists)
  • The number of yes votes - Include comma if over 1,000 (e.g. 1,459 rather than 1459)
  • The percentage of yes votes - rounded to the nearest 100th. *Do not include "%" symbol.*
  • The number of no votes - Include comma if over 1,000 (e.g. 1,459 rather than 1459)
  • The percentage of no votes - rounded to the nearest 100th. *Do not include "%" symbol.*
  • The outcome image template(e.g. "|image = {{approved}} or |image = {{defeated}}")
  • The percent required for approval. Do not include "%" symbol (e.g. if a simple majority is required, add "|percent = 50")
  • The status of the measure if election results are too close to call (e.g. "|unresolved = yes") if "yes" vote and "no" vote percentages are within a margin of 5 percent early in results reporting.

Lbm election tag

See also: Template:Lbm election

Before election results are certified, which usually happens several weeks after election day, the template {{Lbm election}} should be added immediately above the "Short outcome" template. The Lbm election template should include the percentage of precincts that have at least partially reported election results (e.g. {{Lbm election | 47}}). If the number of precincts reporting is unknown the template's parameter should be set to "an unknown" (e.g. {{Lbm election | an unknown}}). Once election results are certified, this template should be removed.

Outcome Category

The election results section should also include a category in the form: [[Category:Approved/Defeated/Unresolved local measure, YEAR]] for measures throughout the year and [[Category:Approved/Defeated/Unresolved general local, YEAR]] for measures voted on in the November election.


Immediately below the Short outcome template the source of the election results should be noted. Usually county elections office websites are the best place for election results. Occasionally, newspapers must be used for timely election results coverage. Ultimately, the source of the final, certified election results should be the county or city elections office/clerk/registrar of voters.


The installation code for an election results section is below:

==Election results==

{{Sbm election | PRECINCTS}} ''(this is removed after certification)''

{{Short outcome
|yes = ### 	
|yespct = %%
|no = ###
|nopct = %%
|image = {{approved}} or {{defeated}} or {{unresolved}} 
|unresolved = "Yes" If the election is "too close to call" (within 5% early in election reporting). *Blank* if election can be called.
| state = Local
| percent = %% 

:: ''Election results from [URL SOURCE NAME]''
[[Category:Approved/Defeated/Unresolved local measure, YEAR]] - ''throughout year''
[[Category:Approved/Defeated/Unresolved general local, YEAR]] - ''in November''


See the following articles for examples of completed election results:

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