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Writing:Introductory section of a state legislative election overview article

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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to write the introductory section of a state legislative election overview article.

In the introductory section, you will want:

  • An introductory sentence, which should include the exact date of the election. (The introductory sentence should already be written, if a stub article was previously started.)
  • An overview of the election, which includes:
  • A statement about how many seats are up for election.
  • A statement about how the number of seats up for election compares to the number of seats in the legislative chamber you're writing about (Example: "45 seats are up for election, which is half of the 90 seats in the state senate.")
  • If only part of the legislative chamber's seats are up for election, list the district numbers of the seats that are up. If the seats that are up for election are "all odd-numbered seats" or "all even-numbered seats," you don't have to specifically type out the numbers of all the districts that are up.
  • Information about when the signature filing deadline is, and when the primary is, if this information isn't already in the article.
  • Information about the length of the term to which the legislators will be elected.
  • An analysis of how many incumbent state legislators are running for election, and a percentage calculation, which you will have to self-generate.
  • If the state legislature is subject to term limits, information about how many seats are open because of term limits.** *
  • A statement about any unusual features of this election, if there are any.
  • A statement summarizing any assertions by notable observers in this state about what is at stake in this particular election (if you find any such opinions or assertions).

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