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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to write a section about how often a Congressional incumbent has voted with other members of his/her party.

The website OpenCongress tracks all votes made by members of Congress. The organization then creates pages that detail the percentage of times that incumbent voted with the majority of the chamber caucus.

The percentage vote with party section should be placed in the following format:

===Voting with party===
The website ''OpenCongress'' tracks how often members of Congress vote with the majority of the chamber caucus.


When adding this content section, first visit the appropriate site below, based on the chamber and political party of the elected official. There are four specific URLs.

  1. Democratic Senators
  2. Republican Senators
  3. Democratic Representatives
  4. Republican Representatives

Option 1

Copy this text into the appropriate subheading:

LAST NAME has voted with the PARTY '''INSERT FIGURE percent''' of the time. This ranked XXXXXX among the XXXXX Senate Democrats as of MONTH YEAR.<ref>[INSERT LINK ''OpenCongress'', "Voting With Party," accessed DATE]</ref>

Replace all XXXX or ALL CAPS with the appropriate information.

A completed example is:

Kerry has voted with the Democratic Party '''97.2 percent''' of the time. This ranked 6th among the 51 Senate Democrats as of November 2011.<ref>[http://www.opencongress.org/people/votes_with_party/senate/democrat ''OpenCongress'', "Voting With Party," accessed October 5, 2011]</ref>

Option 2 for usage

A template can be used instead. This text below would be copied into the space under each year subheading of the Voting with party section.


{{Congress vote percent

Here is an explanation of what would be placed next to each section.

|name= Last name of the member of Congress
|party= Enter either '''Democratic''' or '''Republican'''
|percent= The % as listed on the OpenCongress site
|rank= The rank along the left side
|total= The total number of members of that party at the time of viewing the site in the chamber
|chamber= '''House''' or '''Senate'''
|year= '''November 2011''' or '''February 2012''' or whenever it is viewed
|DHouse=Y....Change to either "DHouse" or "RHouse" or "RSen" or "DSen" based on party/chamber.

For example, the text below...

{{Congress vote percent
|percent=96.8 percent

would generate the following: Amodei voted with the Republican Party 96.8 percent of the time, which ranked 4th among the 242 House Republican members as of 2011.[1]


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