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This page is about the colors you should use when you are:

List of political parties in the United States
Political parties with candidates in state senate elections in 2010

Dots for lists

American Independent : American Independent Party
Limeslashed.png : Alaskan Independence Party
Orangeslashed.png : Bull Moose Party
Conservative Party : Conservative Party
Constitution Party : Constitution Party
Democratic Party : Democratic Party
Green Party : Green Party
Goldslashed.png : Happiness Party
Independence Party of America : Independence Party
Independent : Independent (No party affiliation)
Constitution_Party#Independent_American_Party_of_Nevada : Independent American Party
Libertarian Party : Libertarian Party
Cyan.png  : Lower Taxes Party
Moderate Party : Moderate Party
Green Party#Mountain Party : Mountain Party
Peace and Freedom Party : Peace and Freedom Party
Progressive Party  : Progressive Democratic Party
Lime2.png : Progressive Party (Vermont)
Reform Party : Reform Party
Republican Party : Republican Party
Darkbrown2.png  : Senior Side Party
Cyanslashed.png : Tax Revolt Party
Tea Party : Tea Party
Working Families Party : Working Families Party

Colors for partisan composition boxes

See also: Partisan composition of state senates and partisan composition of state houses