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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to write a Staff salaries section for articles about Congress. It is a subsection under Analysis.
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This analysis comes from the site Legistorm.

Pieces of information

There are five pieces of information included in this section:

  • Staff salary amount
  • Rank among party chamber staff salaries
  • Rank among chamber staff salaries
  • State rank for average staff salary in chamber
  • Average chamber staff salary

Getting the information

Staff salary amount

  1. Go to Legistorm and click on the relevant state.
  2. Click on the relevant congressperson in the list provided.
  3. Select the total spent on staff salaries for the last full fiscal year.
Note: Fiscal years run from October 1 to September 30.

Staff salary comparisons

The rest of the information is available in the charts on this page: Staff salaries of United States Senators and Representatives


===Congressional staff salaries===

::''See also: [[Staff salaries of United States Senators and Representatives]]''

The website ''[http://www.legistorm.com Legistorm]'' compiles staff salary information for members of Congress. NAME paid HIS/HER congressional staff a total of $XXXXXXXX in 2011. He ranked RANK on the list of the highest paid PARTY SENATORIAL/REPRESENTATIVE Staff Salaries and he ranked RANK2 overall of the highest paid SENATORIAL/REPRESENTATIVE Staff Salaries in 2011. Overall, [[STATE]] ranked RANK3 in average salary for SENATORIAL/REPRESENTATIVE staff. The average [[U.S. SENATE/HOUSE]] congressional staff was paid $xxxxxxxxx in fiscal YEAR.<ref>[LINK]</ref>


  • NAME: Congressman's last name
  • XXXXXXXX: Previous full fiscal year's staff salary total
  • RANK: The rank among that specific parameter
  • PARTY: Congressman's party affiliation
  • SENATORIAL/REPRESENTATIVE: Select the correct chamber
  • U.S. SENATE/HOUSE: Select the correct chamber
  • STATE: The state the congressman represents
  • xxxxxxxxx: Average congressional staff total salary in the correct chamber


For example "Analysis" sections:

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