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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to write a section in state legislative articles about the chamber's history.

This is a catch-all section that you can use to tell your reader about any notable aspects of the history of the legislative chamber you're writing about.

Examples of interesting and valuable historical information include:

  • What year the legislature commenced
  • A timeline of any changes to the number of members of the chamber
  • Information about any significant changes over time in the area of minimum qualifications for office
  • A term limits timeline, if it is in a state with term limits
  • Information about buildings or cities where the legislature once met, but does no more
  • Some legislative chambers have periods that are noted by historians for having certain characteristics that make them worthy of their own description, such as "The Forham Years." If this is the case with the chamber you're describing, that should be included.

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