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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to write a section in state legislative articles about the leadership of that particular chamber.

A section called "Leadership" should tell your reader:

  • How leaders are chosen
  • The statutory, constitutional or traditional duties and responsibilities that come with each leadership position.
  • Who the current leaders are. You will find this information on the official website of the chamber you are writing about.

{{state legislatures}}

Leadership positions in state legislatures


You can capture information about the chamber's leaders in a chart format, as in this example. Bear in mind that different state legislatures use different names for the various leadership positions. Also, some have many more designated leaders. This chart is easily expanded to include any legislative leadership positions in the state you're writing about.

Position Name Party District
President of the Senate Gary Stevens Republican-Coalition R
Majority Leader Johnny Ellis Democratic-Coalition L
Minority Leader Con Bunde Republican P

Create the chart using this code:

{| class="wikitable"
! style="background-color:#00008B; color: white;" | Position
! style="background-color:#00008B; color: white;" | Name
! style="background-color:#00008B; color: white;" | Party
! style="background-color:#00008B; color: white;" | District

| [[President of the Senate]] || [[Gary Stevens]] || [[Republican Party|Republican-Coalition]] ||   R
| [[Senate Majority Leader|Majority Leader]] || [[Johnny Ellis]]|| [[Democratic Party|Democratic-Coalition]] || L
| [[Senate Minority Leader|Minority Leader]] || [[Con Bunde]] || [[Republican Party|Republican]] ||  P

Leadership terms

These are some leadership positions. If there are different terms in use in the state you are writing about, please add an article to briefly define that term.

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State houses