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Wyoming "Doomsday" Bill dies in House

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February 29, 2012

CHEYENNE, Wyoming: On Tuesday, February 28, the Wyoming House of Representatives rejected HB 85 on a narrow vote 30-27. The bill would have created a so-called "government continuity" task force, which would study various "doomsday" situations, such as, a national economic meltdown or a disruption in food and energy supplies. The bill was rejected upon its third reading, passing the initial readings after the bill's supporters dropped a proposal to study whether the state should organize its own army and acquire an aircraft carrier in case the United States military collapsed. State Representative David Miller, the bill's sponsor, was reportedly optimistic that the bill would pass the house, however, after its rejection he said, "I think the political class here in Cheyenne has a little myopic view of the world in relation of what government can do to people. I think people should wake up that there's a lot more people out there concerned about this issue than they realize."[1][2]

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