Wyoming Governor threatens to sell national park land

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July 15, 2010

CHEYENNE, Wyoming: Earlier this month Gov. Dave Freudenthal threatened to sell two square miles of state owned land within the Grand Teton National Park. He is trying to force the Interior Department to commit to a deal which the state has been trying to negotiate for a decade. In exchange for the land, the state is asking for other land, minerals, or mineral royalties.

Currently Wyoming is earning $3,000 a year from using the land for cattle grazing. Estimates hold that selling the land could earn the state up to $3.75 million a year. Under the state constitution, officials are required to manage state lands for maximum profit. A 2005 appraisal put the land's value at $98.5 million, but Wyoming officials believe it could now be worth up to $125 million.[1]


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