Wyoming legislators to study prison alternatives

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June 1, 2010

CHEYENNE, Wyoming: In order to deal with growing concerns over the state's prison population, the Joint Interim Judiciary Committee will be studying prison alternatives this summer. As of May 26, 2010, the total prison population of Wyoming was 1,953, an increase of 29 prisoners from year ago. However, in the last 4 months, prison population has increased by 50. One third of those are for probation or parole violations.

To this end, one of the main proposals the committee will be studying is "street time credit." According to Director of Wyoming Department of Corrections Bob Lampert, this would give credit to an offender who has violated their parole for past time spent "clean, sober and productive in the community."[1] There are currently some 600 offenders on parole and about 5,000 on probation.

Other proposals include a short-term return to prison for treatment, and home incarceration for some offenses.


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