Wyoming receives more than $300 million in revenue more than anticipated

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September 30, 2011


CHEYENNE, Wyoming: While the 2011 fiscal year ended in June, Wyoming lawmakers just learned that the state received $320 million above anticipated figures. The new development leaves legislators with a large surplus to allocate during their fiscal session in February 2012.[1]

Some of the ideas being posed for the excess money are road work and putting the funds into a rainy day savings account.[1]

The Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account currently has more than $1 billion. State senator Michael Von Flatern (R) said he would like to see the funds used on building more roads. Von Flatern, who serves on the Appropriations Committee, said he would like to see $75 million per year go toward highway construction.[1]

Meanwhile, Democratic state Rep. Ken Esquibel (D) said he would prefer to see the surplus split evenly between local governments, highways and reserve savings. Esquibel sits on the House Appropriations Committee.[1]

Wyoming conducts a two-year state budget. Earlier this week, a report from the State Budget Solutions detailed Wyoming as having the strongest state budget during the last decade.[2]


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