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State Information

According to 2008 U.S. Census data, the state of Wyoming and local governments in the state employed a total of 59,238 people.[1] Of those employees, 42,781 were full-time employees receiving net pay of $163,483,434 per month and 16,457 were part-time employees paid $14,749,885 per month.[1] More than 52% of those employees, or 30,986 employees, were in education or higher education.[1]

The state budget for the biennium ending June 30, 2012, did not include pay raises for state employees.[2] The $2.9 billion did not include federal funds for highway projects and other projects.[2]

State executive salaries

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State executive salaries[3]
Office '10 salary Current official
Governor $105,000[4] Matt Mead
Secretary of State $92,000 Max Maxfield
Attorney General $137,000 Gregory Phillips
Treasurer $92,000 Mark Gordon

As of 2008, the salary of Wyoming's governor ranked 40th among U.S. governors' salaries. The average salary earned by U.S. governors was $128,735. The median salary earned by U.S. governors was $129,962.[5]

Legislator salaries

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As of 2010, Wyoming state legislators received a salary of $150 per day during the legislative session.[6] Legislators received a per diem of $109 per day.[6]

Judicial salaries

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Wyoming judicial salaries[7]
Position '10 salary Current justice
Chief Justice $131,500 Marilyn Kite
Associate Justice $131,500 William U. Hill
Associate Justice $131,500 Michael K. Davis
Associate Justice $131,500 Barton Voigt
Associate Justice $131,500 James Burke

As of 2010. the salary of Wyoming's chief justice ranked 43rd among U.S. chief justices' salaries. The average salary earned by U.S. chief justices was $155,230. The median salary earned by U.S. chief justices was $151,284.[7]

As of 2010, the salaries of Wyoming's associate justices ranked 41st among U.S. associate justices' salaries. The average salary earned by U.S. associate justices was $151,142. The median salary earned by U.S. associate justices was $145,984.[7]

Teacher salaries

Data presented to the Wyoming legislature showed the average starting pay for a beginning teacher with a bachelor’s degree in 2007-08 in Wyoming was $38,500. The national average was $33,600. That put Wyoming at seventh in teacher pay among the states. But, when the salary was adjusted for cost living factors, Wyoming was number one. Because of Wyoming’s lower cost of living, the Wyoming annual pay averaged $46,500 compared to $33,600.[8]

In 2011 a consultant to the Wyoming legislature said the average starting salary for a teacher in Wyoming was $42,957. That compares to $32,932 for other states in the region. He said Wyoming teacher salaries has risen by 64 percent since 2001.[9]

Teacher salaries[10]
Beginning teacher salary Average salary
$36,262 $54,602

School districts receive an external cost adjustment based on the Hedonic Wage Index, last updated in 2005, the Wyoming Cost of Living Index, or a value of 100, whichever is greater. The HWI is based on predicted base salary in each school district, controlling for differences in quality such as accepting a job in a school with a higher poverty rate or where the cost of living is lower.[11]

State employee benefits

Employees of the state receive numerous benefits in addition to their salaries.

Annual leave

State employees earn annual leave based on the number of months they have been employed by the state:[12]

Number of months employed Hours earned each month
1 - 48 months 8 hours per month (12 days per year)
49 - 108 months 10 hours per month (15 days per year)
109 - 168 months 12 hours per month (18 days per year)
169 - 228 months 14 hours per month (21 days per year)
over 229 months 16 hours per month (24 days per year)


State employees receive nine paid holidays per year.[12]

Sick leave

Employees earn eight hours of paid sick leave per month, which equals 12 days per year, with unlimited accumulation.[12]


Employees may participate in the State Health Plan, which pays in-network and in-state providers for covered medical expenses at 80 or 85 percent.[12]

State contribution levels are[12]:

Coverage State contribution
Employee only $335.37
Employee + spouse/dependents $652.95
Family $744.75

Preventative dental is included in the state health plan and employees may elect enhanced coverage.[12]

Employees may also elect to have life insurance. Life insurance and AD&D premiums together vary from $3.50 to a high of $26.60 per month, depending on age, and cost increases with age.[12]


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Employees participate in the Wyoming Retirement System. Employees contribute 5.57% of their salaries and the state contributes 5.68% of the employee's salary. An employee becomes fully vested upon completion of four years of service at retirement age.[12]

Wyoming has the "85-year rule" in place for full retirement qualification -- your age plus your years of service must equal 85 to qualify for full benefits upon early retirement.[12]

State employees also have the option of participating in the state's Deferred Compensation 457 Program.[13]


  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Longevity pay - State employees receive longevity pay of $40 per month after completion of each five years of continuous service.[12]

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