Yuma City Franchise Agreement Proposals (May 2010)

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There were two Yuma City Franchise Agreement Proposals on the May 18 ballot in Yuma County for voters in the city of Yuma.

Both measures were approved
Question 1:

  • YES 7,279 (77.01%)Approveda
  • NO 2,173 (22.99%)

Question 2:

  • YES 6,660 (81.12%)Approveda
  • NO 1,550 (18.88%)[1]

These measures asked voters to approve two franchise agreements, one with the Arizona Public Service Co. and an extension with the Southwest Gas Corp, both for a further 25 years.[2] The agreements stated that the two companies will give two percent to the city's general fund while also defining the tax rate the utilities will pay to provide services to residents. Having the franchise agreement makes it easier for customers because the companies cannot change the rates and they do not need to renegotiate rights of way or easements. If the agreement had not been approved then the two companies would not be allowed to operate in the city, agreements are also renewed every twenty-five years.[3]