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Person.png   5  Wisconsin:
DefeateddKenneth Rottier recall, Seymour, Wisconsin, 2010
Legal.png   8  Hearing for the proposed Nevada Personhood Amendment (ruled that the petition could not be circulated)
Clipboard128.png   15  Alaska:
Check.png   19  Massachusetts:
Check.png   20  California:
Legal.png   21   People v. Kelly, a case about legislative tampering, is decided by the California Supreme Court.
Check.png   26  New Jersey:
ApprovedaDefeateddNew Jersey school bond referendums (12 out of 14 defeated)
Check.png   27  Oregon:
ApprovedaUpheld Oregon Tax Hike Vote, Ballot Measures 66 and 67 (2010)
Dates.png   28  California:
Dates.png   28  California:


Clipboard128.png   1   Signature filing deadline in Florida for November ballot, Signature filing deadline for Betty Rexford recall, Poway, California, 2010
Check.png   2   California:

February 2, 2010 ballot measures in California:

Defeatedd Alameda Point Revitalization, SunCal Initiative, Measure B (February 2010)
Approveda Lance MacLean recall, Mission Viejo, California (2010)
Check.png    Illinois:
Clipboard128.png   8   Signature filing deadline in Wyoming for November 2 ballot. - No initiatives filed
Dates.png   9  California:
Check.png   9   Washington:
Clipboard128.png   10   Circulation deadline for California Corporate Loophole Repeal Initiative (2010)
Clipboard128.png   16   Circulation deadline for California McCauley-Rosen Wealth Tax Initiative (2010)
Check.png   23  California:

February 23, 2010 ballot measures in California

Approveda Kathy Salazar and Robert Urteaga recall, Montebello, California (2010)
Approveda St. Helena Unified School District board recall, California (2010)
Defeatedd Recall of Thomas Buckley from the Lake Elsinore City Council, California (2010)
Approveda San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District parcel tax, Measure A (February 2010)
Person.png     Michigan:
Defeatedd Seneca Township recall, Michigan, 2010
Defeatedd Riley Township recall, Michigan, 2010


Check.png   2   California:




New Mexico:


Check.png   6   West Virginia:
Check.png   9   Arizona:




New Hampshire:


Clipboard128.png   10   Signature filing deadline in North Dakota for June 8 ballot - No initiatives filed
Check.png   16   Florida:
Check.png   23   Alabama:
Person.png   27  Louisiana:
Check.png   27   Louisiana:
Check.png   TBA  Illinois:


Clipboard128.png   6  Deadline for filing signatures in South Dakota for initiated state statutes - Three initiatives pending
Check.png   13   California:
Clipboard128.png   15  Deadline for filing signatures in Utah for initiated state statutes. - Three initiatives pending
Clipboard128.png   30   Signature filing deadline in Idaho for November ballot. - About 18 initiatives pending


Clipboard128.png   2   Signature filing deadline in Missouri for November 2, 2010 ballot. - Four initiatives filed
Clipboard128.png   3   Signature filing deadline in Illinois for November 2, 2010 ballot. - No initiatives qualified
Check.png   4   Ohio Statewide:
ApprovedaOhio Third Frontier Bond Renewal, Issue 1
ApprovedaOhio Columbus Casino Relocation, Issue 2


Check.png   8   Texas:
ApprovedaWet up petitions - Justice of the Peace District 4, Hood County, Texas (2010)
ApprovedaWet up petition - Robinson, Texas (2010)
May 8, 2010 ballot measures in Texas
Check.png   11  Nebraska Statewide:
ApprovedaNebraska Bond Question, Amendment 1 (2010)


Check.png   18  Arizona Statewide:
ApprovedaArizona Sales Tax Increase, Proposition 100 (2010)
Check.png    Oregon Statewide:
ApprovedaOregon Measure 68
ApprovedaOregon Measure 69


Check.png   22   Local:
Check.png   25   Local:
Clipboard128.png   26  Deadline for filing signatures in Michigan for initiated state statutes


Check.png   1  Alabama:

Defeatedd Alabama Propane Gas Promotion Programs Amendment (2010)
Approveda Alabama Colbert County Sewage Amendment (2010)
Approveda Alabama Franklin County Sewage Amendment(2010)
Approveda Alabama Lawrence County Sewage Amendment (2010)
Approveda Alabama Lawrence County Landfill Amendment (2010)

Check.png   8  California:

Approveda California Proposition 13 (Seismic Retrofitting)
Approveda California Proposition 14 (Top Two Primaries)
Defeatedd California Proposition 15 (Public Funding of Some Elections)
Defeatedd California Proposition 16 (Supermajority Vote Required to Start a Community Public Utility)
Defeatedd California Proposition 17 (Auto Insurance Persistency Discounts)

Check.png   8  Maine:

Approveda Maine Question 1
Approveda Maine Question 2
Approveda Maine Question 3
Approveda Maine Question 4
Approveda Maine Question 5

Clipboard128.png   15   Signature filing deadline in Nevada for November ballot.
Clipboard128.png   18   Signature filing deadline in Montana for November ballot.
Clipboard128.png   23   Deadline for Massachusetts initiatives to file signatures with Massachusetts town and city clerks.
Clipboard128.png   30   Signature filing deadline in Ohio for November ballot.


Clipboard128.png   1  Deadline for filing signatures in Arizona for statewide ballot measures
Clipboard128.png   2  Deadline for filing signatures in Arkansas, Nebraska, and Oregon for statewide ballot measures
Clipboard128.png   5  Deadline for filing signatures in Michigan for initiated constitutional amendments
Clipboard128.png   7  Deadline for validated signatures to be filed to Massachusetts Secretary of State for Massachusetts initiatives


Clipboard128.png   2   Deadline for filing signatures in Colorado for statewide ballot measures. Sponsors for the following measures filed signatures:
Check.png   3  Missouri:

Approveda Missouri Health Care Freedom, Proposition C

Clipboard128.png   4   Deadline for filing signatures in North Dakota for the November ballot. Sponsors for the following measures filed signatures:
Check.png   24  Alaska:
DefeateddAlaska Anti-Corruption Act
ApprovedaAlaska Parental Notification Initiative


Check.png   14   Wisconsin:


Check.png   2  Louisiana:

ApprovedaLouisiana Legislature Convening Date, Amendment 1
ApprovedaLouisiana Homeland Security, Amendment 2


Check.png   2  Alabama:
DefeateddAlabama City/County Tax Amendment
DefeateddAlabama Ten Year Road and Bridge Construction Program
DefeateddAlabama Special County Educational Tax Amendment (2010)
DefeateddAlabama Ad Valorem Tax Amendment (2010)
Check.png    Alaska:
Defeatedd Alaska Legislature Increase Amendment (2010)
ApprovedaAlaska Bond Package Question (2010)
ApprovedaAlaska Veterans' Bonds Question (2010)
Check.png    Arizona:
ApprovedaProposition 106
ApprovedaProposition 107
Defeatedd Proposition 109
DefeateddProposition 110
DefeateddProposition 111
DefeateddProposition 112
Approveda Proposition 113
DefeateddProposition 203
DefeateddProposition 301
DefeateddProposition 302
Check.png    Arkansas Statewide:
ApprovedaArkansas Hunting Rights Amendment
ApprovedaArkansas Interest Rate Limit
ApprovedaArkansas Standard for SuperProject Bonds
Check.png    California:
Defeatedd Proposition 19, Marijuana Legalization
Approveda Proposition 20, Congressional Redistricting
Defeatedd Proposition 21, Vehicle License Fees
Approveda Proposition 22, Ban on State Borrowing from Local Gov'ts
Defeatedd Proposition 23, Suspension of AB 32 (Global Warming)
Defeatedd Proposition 24, Business Tax Breaks
Approveda Proposition 25, Majority Vote to Pass Budget
Approveda Proposition 26, Supermajority to Enact New Taxes
Defeatedd Proposition 27, Elimination of Citizen Redistricting Commission
Check.png    Colorado:
Defeatedd Colorado Regulation of Games of Chance, Amendment P
Approveda Colorado State Seat Temporary Location, Amendment Q
Defeatedd Colorado Exempt Possessory Interests in Real Property, Amendment R
Defeatedd Colorado Property Taxes, Amendment 60
Defeatedd Colorado State and Local Debt Limitations, Amendment 61
Defeatedd Colorado Fetal Personhood, Amendment 62
Defeatedd Colorado Health Care, Amendment 63
Defeatedd Colorado Motor Vehicle, Income, and Telecom Taxes, Proposition 101
Defeatedd Colorado Criminal Defendant Bail Bond, Proposition 102
Check.png    Florida:
Defeatedd Florida Campaign Finance Requirement Repeal, Amendment 1
Approveda Florida Military Homestead Property Tax Exemption, Amendment 2
Defeatedd Florida Comprehensive Land Use Plans, Amendment 4
Approveda Florida Legislative District Boundaries, Amendment 5
Approveda Florida Congressional District Boundaries, Amendment 6
Defeatedd Florida Class Size, Amendment 8
Approveda Florida Federal Budget Advisory Question
Check.png    Georgia:
Approveda Georgia Employment Contract Enforcement, Amendment 1
Defeatedd Georgia Trauma Care Funding, Amendment 2
Defeatedd Georgia Transportation Project Contracts, Amendment 3
Approveda Georgia Energy Project Contracts, Amendment 4
Approveda Georgia Industrial Property Designation, Amendment 5
Approveda Georgia Business Inventory Exemption, Referendum A
Check.png    Hawaii:
Approveda Hawaii Board of Education Amendment, Question 1
Approveda Hawaii Tax Rebates Amendment, Question 2
Check.png    Idaho:
ApprovedaIdaho Tuition and Fees Amendment
ApprovedaIdaho Airport Debt Amendment
ApprovedaIdaho Power Amendment
ApprovedaIdaho Hospital Amendment
Check.png    Illinois:
Approveda Illinois Governor Recall Amendment
Check.png    Indiana:
Approveda Indiana Property Tax Cap Amendment
Check.png    Iowa:
Approveda Iowa Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund Amendment, Measure 1 (2010)
DefeateddIowa Constitutional Convention Question
Check.png    Kansas:
ApprovedaKansas Right to Bear Arms Question
ApprovedaKansas Voting Disqualification Amendment (2010)
Check.png    Louisiana:
Approveda Louisiana Officials Salary Increase, Amendment 1
Approveda Louisiana Natural Resource Severance Taxes, Amendment 2
Approveda Louisiana Property Tax Exemption for Veterans, Amendment 3
Defeatedd Louisiana Property Tax Limit, Amendment 4
Approveda Louisiana Homestead Tax Exemption, Amendment 5
Approveda Louisiana Public Retirement Systems, Amendment 6
Defeatedd Louisiana Property Tax Bidding Process, Amendment 7
Approveda Louisiana Expropriated Property, Amendment 8
Approveda Louisiana Workers' Compensation Judgements, Amendment 9
Approveda Louisiana Bench Trial, Amendment 10
Check.png    Maine:
Approveda Maine Oxford Casino Initiative, Question 1
Approveda Maine Dental Care Bonds Issue, Question 2
Approveda Maine Conservation Bonds Issue, Question 3
Check.png    Maryland:
ApprovedaMaryland Constitutional Convention Question (2010)
ApprovedaMaryland Civil Jury Trials Amendment (2010)
ApprovedaMaryland Orphan's Court Judges in Baltimore Amendment(2010)
Check.png    Massachusetts
Approveda Massachusetts No Sales Tax for Alcohol Initiative (2010)
Defeatedd Massachusetts Sales Tax Relief Act (2010)
Defeatedd Massachusetts Comprehensive Permits and Regional Planning Initiative (2010)
Check.png    Michigan:
Defeatedd Michigan Constitutional Convention, Proposal 1
Approveda Michigan Felon Politician Ban Amendment, Proposal 2
Check.png    Missouri:
Approveda Missouri Election of Charter County Assessors, Amendment 1
Approveda Missouri Prisoner of War Property Tax Exemption, Amendment 2
Approveda Missouri Real Estate Taxation, Amendment 3
Approveda Missouri Earnings Tax Initiative, Proposition A
Approveda Missouri Dog Breeding Regulation Initiative, Proposition B
Check.png    Montana:
Defeatedd Montana Constitutional Convention Question
Approveda Montana Hunter Access Funding Initiative (2010)
ApprovedaMontana New Property Tax Elimination Amendment (2010)
Approveda Montana Loan Interest Rate Limit (2010)
Check.png    Nebraska:
DefeateddNebraska State Treasurer Abolishing Amendment (2010)
ApprovedaNebraska Economic Development Funding Amendment (2010)
Check.png    Nevada:
Defeatedd Nevada Judicial Appointment Amendment, Question 1
Defeatedd Nevada Appellate Court Amendment, Question 2
Defeatedd Nevada Sales and Use Tax Amendment, Question 3
Defeatedd Nevada Eminent Domain Amendment, Question 4
Check.png    New Jersey:
ApprovedaNew Jersey Wage Assessment Amendment, Public Question 1 (2010)
Check.png    New Mexico:
ApprovedaNew Mexico War Veteran Scholarship
DefeateddCounty Term Extension Amendment
ApprovedaModern Election Language Amendment
ApprovedaNew Mexico Property Tax Amendment (2010)
DefeateddNew Mexico Legislators Appointment Amendment (2010)
ApprovedaNew Mexico Bond Question A
ApprovedaNew Mexico Bond Question B
ApprovedaNew Mexico Bond Question C
DefeateddNew Mexico Bond Question D
Check.png    North Carolina:
ApprovedaNorth Carolina No Convicted Felons for Sheriff Amendment (2010)
Check.png    North Dakota:
Approveda North Dakota State Legacy Fund Establishment, Measure 1
Defeatedd North Dakota Fenced Hunting Ban, Measure 2
Check.png    Oklahoma:
DefeateddOklahoma State Question 744
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 746
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 747
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 748
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 750
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 751
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 752
DefeateddOklahoma State Question 754
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 755
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 756
ApprovedaOklahoma State Question 757
Check.png    Oregon:
Approveda Oregon Veteran Home Loans Expansion, Measure 70
Approveda Oregon Legislature Annual Sessions Amendment, Measure 71
Approveda Oregon Property Projects, Measure 72
Approveda Oregon Minimum Criminal Sentence Increase, Measure 73
Defeatedd Oregon Regulated Medical Marijuana Supply System Act, Measure 74
Defeatedd Oregon Job Growth Education And Communities Fund Act, Part II, Measure 75
Approveda Oregon Lottery Funds for Natural Resources Amendment, Measure 76
Check.png    Rhode Island
DefeateddRhode Island Name Change Amendment (2010)
ApprovedaRhode Island Capital Bonds for Higher Education Question (2010)
ApprovedaRhode Island Capital Bonds for Transportation Question (2010)
ApprovedaRhode Island Capital Bonds for Open Space Question (2010)
Check.png    South Carolina:
ApprovedaSouth Carolina Hunting and Fishing Amendment
ApprovedaSouth Carolina Capital Reserve Fund Amendment
ApprovedaSouth Carolina Rainy Day Fund Amendment (2010)
ApprovedaSouth Carolina Secret Union Voting Amendment
Check.png    South Dakota:
Approveda South Dakota Smoking Ban Referendum
Defeatedd South Dakota Medical Marijuana Act
Approveda South Dakota Vote by Secret Ballot, Amendment K
Defeatedd South Dakota State Cement Enterprise Sales Trust Fund, Amendment L
Check.png    Tennessee:
Approveda Tennessee Hunting Rights Amendment
Check.png    Texas Local:
DefeateddWet up petition - JP Pct 4, Smith County, Texas (2010)
ApprovedaWet up petition - Killeen, Texas (2010)
ApprovedaWet up petition - Harker Heights, Texas (2010)
ApprovedaWet up petitions - Dallas, Texas (2010)
ApprovedaDefeateddWet up petitions - Whitehouse, Texas (2010)
ApprovedaWet up petition - Roanoke, Texas (2010)
ApprovedaDefeateddWet up petitions - Bullard, Texas (2010)
Check.png    Utah:
Approveda Utah Vote by Secret Ballot, Amendment A
Approveda Utah Legislator Eligibility, Amendment B
Approveda Utah Property Tax Exemption for Water Facilities, Amendment C
Approveda Utah Independent Ethics Commission, Amendment D
Check.png    Vermont:
ApprovedaVermont Voting Age Amendment, Proposal 5
Check.png    Virginia:
Approveda Virginia Property Tax Exemption for Veterans
Approveda Virginia Property Tax Exemption for Elderly and Disabled(2010)
Approveda Virginia Revenue Stabilization Fund Amendment
Check.png    Washington:
Approveda Washington Judge Bail Authority Amendment
Approveda Washington State Debt Limits Amendment
Defeatedd Washington Schools Energy Efficiency Projects, Referred Bill 52
Defeatedd Washington Privatize State Liquor Stores Act, Initiative 1100
Defeatedd Washington Workers' Comp Insurance Reform, Initiative 1082
Defeatedd Washington Income Tax, Initiative 1098
Approveda Washington Tax Initiative, Initiative 1053
Defeatedd Washington Revise State Liquor Laws, Initiative 1105
Approveda Washington Repeal Tax Law Amendments, Initiative 1107
Dates.png   8  
Check.png   10  Illinois:
Dates.png   12  
Dates.png   15  
Dates.png   16  
Dates.png   23  
Dates.png   29  
Dates.png   30  


Dates.png   2  
Clipboard128.png    The recount of Maine Oxford Casino Initiative, Question 1 votes begins today.
Dates.png   3  
Dates.png   12  
Clipboard128.png   13   Recount efforts for Maine Oxford Casino Initiative, Question 1 were dropped today.
Dates.png   14  
Dates.png   18  
Legal.png   21   The Bernbeck v. Gale trial - a challenge of the age, pay-per-signature, and residency restrictions that were added to Nebraska's initiative laws in 2008 - begins today.