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2011 bill filing deadlines: New Hampshire has latest date

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February 28, 2011

MADISON, Wisconsin: In 2011, 41 states have scheduled legislative bill filing deadlines. The following nine state legislatures have no filing deadlines in the 2011 session and are listed below: [1]

The earliest filing deadlines for 2011 took place on January 11 (House) and 13 (Senate) in Indiana, and on January 11 for the Rhode Island House of Representatives. The state with the latest deadline in 2011 is New Hampshire with a deadline of December 10. [1]

As of February 28, 58 legislative chamber's deadlines have already passed: [1]

Chambers that have passed bill filing deadline
Date States
January 11 Indiana House, Rhode Island House
January 13 Indiana Senate
January 14 Montana House and Senate, Connecticut House and Senate
January 17 Mississippi House and Senate, North Dakota House
January 19 Nebraska Senate
January 20 Oklahoma House and Senate
January 21 Virginia House and Senate, Massachusetts House and Senate
January 24 North Dakota Senate, Tennessee House and Senate
January 26 Hawaii House and Senate, Wyoming Senate
January 31 Rhode Island House, Wyoming House
February 1 South Dakota House and Senate
February 2 New Hampshire House
February 3 Colorado Senate
February 4 Maine House and Senate, Maryland Senate
February 7 Idaho House and Senate, Utah House and Senate
February 8 Arizona Senate
February 9 Kansas House and Senate
February 10 Colorado House, Illinois Senate
February 11 Iowa House, Kentucky Senate, Maryland House
February 14 Kentucky House
February 17 Arizona House, New Mexico House and Senate, Oregon House and Senate
February 18 California General Assembly and Senate
February 21 West Virginia House and Senate
February 24 Illinois House
February 25 Iowa Senate
February 28 Vermont House and Senate

To see a complete listing of future bill filing deadlines for 2011, see the 2011 calendar.

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