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2012 featured almost 1,000 more local measures and a higher approval rate

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January 22, 2013

By Josh Altic

2012 Local Ballot Measures
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Voters cast their ballot on almost a thousand more measures in 2012 than in 2011 and bumped up the approval rating.

A total of 4,650 local ballot measures were decided in 2012. 74% of those measures were approved by voters. With nearly a thousand more measures than 2011, which saw 3,778 local measures, the approval rating increased by a little over three percent. 2011's approval rating was 71.7%.

By far the most measures were seen in Ohio. This state featured 1,471 different proposals, out of which voters approved 1,046. This gave Ohio an approval rating of 71.11%, just a little under the overall average approval rating from all states of 71.6%. Ohio's 2012 rate is almost three and a half percent lower than their 2011 approval rate of 75%. Washington, with 407 total measures, had the highest approval rating, 87.71%, showing an almost 15% increase from 2011. Arizona had the lowest approval rating for the year, 57.89%, with a total of 19 measures having been asked on the various ballots across the state.

To compare more detailed numbers in each state and in the different categories specially reported on by the writer, read the full report for 2012 and 2011. These reports feature local ballot measure statistics broken down into key categories including marijuana legalization, property taxes, sales taxes, County and City bonds, election and voting issues and annexation.

Ballotpedia annually reviews local measures in 11 states. Read more about Ballotpedia's coverage here.

Here are the totals for each state in 2012:

     Winning percentage above 70%     Winning percentage below 50%

State Approved 2012 (2011) Defeated 2012 (2011)  % approved 2012 (2011)
Arizona 11 8 57.89%
California 383 168 69.5%
Colorado 105 29 78.36%
Florida 134 44 75.28%
Illinois 365 223 62.07%
Michigan 696 285 70.95%
Missouri 158 52 75.24%
Ohio 1,046 425 71.11%
Oregon 134 48 73.63%
Washington 357 50 87.71%
Wisconsin 52 27 65.82%
Totals: 3,441(2,707) 1,209(1,071) 74% (71.7%)

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