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The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.
{{reddot}} '''Republicans (13)'''
{{Committee members, SLP
*[[Annette Sweeney]] ''Chair''
|Collapse= Yes
*[[Lee Hein]] ''Vice Chair''
|Committee= Agriculture
*[[Dave Deyoe]]
|year= 2011
*[[Brian Moore, Iowa politician|Brian Moore]]
|Dem1= Helen Miller
*[[Cecil Dolecheck]]
|Dem2= Andrew Wenthe
*[[Clel Baudler]]
|Dem3= Charles Isenhart
*[[Dan Rasmussen]]
|Dem4= Brian Quirk
*[[Daniel Huseman]]
|Dem5= Curt Hanson
*[[Dwayne Alons]]
|Dem6= Dan Kelley
*[[Jack Drake]]
|Dem7= Dan Muhlbauer
*[[Linda Miller]]
|Dem8= Kurt Swaim
*[[Ross C. Paustian]]
|Dem9= Roger Thomas
*[[Tom W. Shaw]]
|Rep1= Annette Sweeney
|Repchair1 = Chair
{{bluedot}} '''Democrats (9)'''
|Rep2= Lee Hein
*[[Helen Miller]] ''Ranking Member''
|Repchair2 = Vice-chair
*[[Andrew Wenthe]]
|Rep3= Dave Deyoe
*[[Charles Isenhart]]
|Rep4= Brian Moore
*[[Brian Quirk]]
|Rep5= Cecil Dolecheck
*[[Curt Hanson]]
|Rep6= Clel Baudler
*[[Dan Kelley]]
|Rep7= Dan Rasmussen
*[[Dan Muhlbauer]]
|Rep8= Daniel Huseman
*[[Kurt Swaim]]
|Rep9= Dwayne Alons
*[[Roger Thomas]]
|Rep10= Jack Drake
|Rep11= Linda Miller
|Rep12= Ross C. Paustian
|Rep13= Tom W. Shaw

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The Agriculture Committee is a standing committee of the Iowa House of Representatives.



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Agriculture Members, 2013
Democratic members (10)Republican members (13)
Helen MillerPat Grassley, Chair
Bruce BearingerJarad Klein, Vice-chair
Nancy DunkelDwayne Alons
Curtis HansonClel Baudler
Jerry KearnsPeter Cownie
Dan KelleyDave Deyoe
Dan MuhlbauerJack Drake
Scott OurthLee Hein
Todd PrichardBobby Kaufmann
Patti RuffDavid Maxwell
Brian Moore
Steven Olson
Tom W. Shaw


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.


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