Alaska 2008 ballot measures

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In the table below "IDS" stands for indirect initiative.

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Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Ballot Status Pass or Fail
2008 IDS 07ANCO Campaign Finance Reform Would prohibit publicly funded lobbying Petition deadline: Dec. 22, 2008 -
2008 IDS 07CASE Campaign Finance Reform Would be a public program for funding campaigns for state officials. Petition deadline: August 21, 2008 -
2008 IDS 07CHA3 Welfare Act amending the certificate of need requirement to apply only to facilities providing long term nursing home beds and residential psychiatric treatment centers. Petition deadline: September 15, 2008 -
2008 IDS O7FISH Environmental Reform An Act to restore fisheries conservation and habitat protection functions to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Application under review of the Lieutenant Governor -
2008 IDS 07WIFI Environmental Reform Act to Provide for Cleaner Waters in Alaska by Prohibiting Pollution Mixing Zones in Wild Salmon and Other Fisheries Spawning Waters Under review of the Lieutenant Governor -
2008 IDS 07WATR Environmental Reform Alaska's Clean Water Protection The application did not comply with the constitutional and statutory provisions governing the use of the initiative; therefore, was denied on June 21, 2007. Currently in litigation. Holman v. Parnell Case No. 3DI-07-56 CI -
2008 IDS 07COGA Campaign Finance Reform Would create public funding for campaigns and amend the oil and gas production tax to levy and collect a surcharge as the source for the funding Denied on July, 19, 2007 -
2008 IDS 07AKIN Administration of Government Alaskan Independence Denied